How Does The Air Smacker Work


the ( - ) Air Ionzier

4.5" wide base. 12" tall 3" clear acrylic tube. Comes with neon test bulb. You hold onto one end of the bare neon bulb wire and the other end of the bar neon lamp wire get it near the holes in the top cap, get it close to any fan out hole and the bulb will glow. If you take off your shoes the bulb glows brighter. The earth's ground antenna is apart of the non-hertzian circuit.

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What is inside?

Who is Bob Boyce™? A retired DOD
scientist, who has 30 patents
in his name.

The Air Smacker has one
Water Smacker module inside
the base. Two tiny fine wire wound Tesla coils, that capture (-) Non-Hertzian energy, into the stainless
steel brush / multi-e-field antenna.

A 12v DC fan draws air from under-
neath the sir smacker tube, up past the stainless steel brush and up though the top cap. It will fill the room with
(-) ionic air. Virus pathogens are +

Designed to take out spike proteins
being shed off the vaxed victims
who took the jabs. They can give
off millions of nano sized spike
that you can breathe
in. The virus pathogens are + and this air is now (-) charged. The (-) knocks out the + pathogens.

Comes with a 120v or 240v or 220v
to 12 volt DC adapter cord &
small transformer. Only draws
2 watts of power. It does make
fan noise in the room. Can be
left on 24/7. The module should
last a lifetime. The fan may go out
some day, years from now and can be replaced. We are offering a one year warranty for now. You got 365 days to test it out. You can send it back for a refund of the price, you just pay for shipping it back.

Sale Price $370

Ready for sale in Oct. 2021

Contact us if you want one soon.

Works better in a low ceiling
room. Charges your air with
the (-) non-hertzian energy
& Schumann Frequency.

Makes you feel mellow
calm & collect. Good for a
praying environment or
mediating. Peaceful feeling.

Breathing the air right
above the
Air Smacker
helps with any nausea feeling or coughing or headaches. It clears them up just breathing this (-) charged air.


From Bob Boyce™ the inventor, explaining the air that comes up the tube past the (-) charged Stainless Steel Multi-antenna : The air remains mostly nitrogen (70%) with oxygen (20%), however both are strongly charged - and no longer in a diatomic state. Any moisture content in the air becomes strongly charged H and O, separated by charge into individual mono atoms, like the N and O . They will eventually lose this charge and recombine into a diatomic and molecular states, but that will take some time, unless they contact something with a + charge and lose the excess electrons more quickly. Hopefully they will contact and neutralize the + charge of any spike proteins present in the air. That should render the spike protein inert of its ability to attach itself to cells in the lungs by charge alone. When breathing the charged air, the relief I felt in my lungs was rapid and immediate, as spike proteins were released from their bonds and exhaled, now inert of the former + charge. I developed this use of the technology in order to get relief from a lung infection that refused to respond to any of the antibiotics that my doctor had tried. After dealing with this issue for months, I decided to avoid people that possibly could have been vaccinated.

Due to the political climate and the current push for all to be vaccinated, I will not be adding this additional use to the current patent that was granted on 01/08/2019. We must keep this use as a side benefit to breathing - charged air.

update 10/1/21

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Not a medical product. Not FDA approved. Disclaimer. Air is not a drug & can not be patented.

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