Air Smacker Instructions


How to test the Air Smacker is working.
We include a neon test lamp bulb


Pinch the one bare wire end, while the Air Smacker is on. Get the other bare wire end close to the top cover, place wire in one of the air out holes on top of the tube, it should glow the bulb. If it touches the brush wire it could give you a small static shock. So beware. Hold onto the wire on the red cover, not the bare wire.

Try taking off your isolated shoes and barefoot onto the ground or cement slab and watch the neon bulb glow brighter. In the non-hertzian equation the space energy is (-) and the planets are round ball (+) ground antennas. This is where some EE's get puzzled and confused. We were taught wrong on purpose, to evade this free over unity energy that is in abundance all around us. In 1932 we switched from "physics" to "modern physics" and we left out the (-) equation. We went with the highly paid expert Albert Einstein, who said the aether (non-hertzian) does not exist. To teach the children to be EE's correct, you must teach the non-hertzain energy realm first, then man's electro-magnetic energy from the dyno at the power dams. They do work together, if you know how? Like what Bob learned as a classified DOD scientist/engineer. The air smacker also takes out (+) nano particles in the room and takes them to the floor of a room, the grounded earth (+) Non-hertzian energy 1899-1900 at Colorado Springs, where Nikola Tesla studied this energy 100%. It proves the planets are round toroids of energy, not flat.

The AIR SMACKER is easy to hook up, just plug in the AC cord to a grounded wall outlet and plug in the 12v DC jack to the back of the air smacker stand.

Clean the flat surface that the Air Smacker will sit on. Window ledge or table. If you crack a window and place on ledge it will draw in fresh air from outside. Or place on table in the center of a room for many people to enjoy the fresh air.

Push in the rocker switch, that should light up blue or green, small led light.

It does make a fan noise, with the air coming up the tube. The only draw back to the air smacker.

Try breathing in the air above the smacker, it should smell clean and fresh the (-) charged air coming past the stainless steel brush, multi-antenna. If you got any sinus infection, runny nose, allergies, etc breathing this (-) air, will help to attach to the (+) pathogens like a magnet and have your lungs get rid of the problem, in due time.

The unit only draws 4 watts of power. The 2 Tesla coils use 1 to 1.5 watts and the fan takes the other 2 to 3 watts of power. Can be run 24/7

It helps to erase harmful energy patterns in a room. It emits the Schumann Resonance into the room. It was invented by a DOD scientist with 30 patents in his name.
Bob Boyce™

The AIR SMACKER enhances your breathing air and will also erase harmful energy patterns in the room
that you may have collected from
being around sick people, or vaccinated people that can be giving off nano sized spike proteins. The virus pathogens are + and this air is now (-) charged. The (-) knocks out the + pathogens and neutralizes the nasty nano sized energy patterns from these spike proteins that are breathed out of the victim's mouth. To put it bluntly.

Sale Price $370

What is inside? How does it work?

More Info.

updated 10/1/21



Works better in a low ceiling room. Charges your air with the (-) Schumann Frequency.

Makes you feel mellow
calm & collect. Good for a praying environment or mediating. Peaceful feeling.

Breathing the air right above the
Air Smacker
helps with any nausea feeling or coughing or headaches. It clears
them up just breathing this (-) charged air.


Another Bob Boyce™ invention. Home of the WaterSmackerAirSmackerBatterySmacker

Manufactured at Hydrogen Garage • 97 Ash Ave. Unit 554, Cayucos, CA • 93430 • USA

(805) 995-4809 • info at airsmacker dot calm Contact usupdated 10/1/21

Not a medical product. Not FDA approved. Disclaimer. Air is not a drug & can not be patented.

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