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We are offering a two year try out time, if you do not like it by then, send it back for a full refund of $370, minus the shipping cost, to and fro. We know you will enjoy it. For life is too short to be sick. STOP (+) pathogens right off the bat. No jabs needed, no pills, just breathe.

The AIR SMACKER has no filters, it does not statically attract dust to the unit. The floor ground is apart of the non-hertzian energy and the (+) charged dust, (+)pathogens, (+)pollen all go to the floor, instead of sticking to the ionizer unit. Simply amazing.


Introducing the Air Smacker.
A 100% negative Air Ionizer.
It captures the (-) Non-Hertzian energy that is all around us and flows it out the top of the Air Smacker past the stainless brush, multi - (e-field) antenna.

It helps to erase harmful energy patterns in a room. It emits the Schumann Resonance into the room. It was invented by a DOD scientist with 30 patents in his name. Bob Boyce™

Can be run 24/7 as it only draws
2 watts of power. Plugs into any grounded 120v or 240v outlet.
We supply a 12v transformer.
Most Air Ionizers are AC or DC powered and produce only (+) ions. Positive + air ionizers have an acrid smell, not good for health. Used to kill bacteria and other pathogens in rooms. NOT TO BE INHALED! They only sterilize the room they are in.

The AIR SMACKER enhances your breathing air and will also erase harmful energy patterns in the room
that you may have collected from
being around vaccinated people
that are now giving off nano sized
spike proteins. The virus pathogens are + and this air is now (-) charged.
The (-) knocks out the + pathogens.

Sale Price $370

Ready for sale in Oct. 2021

Contact us if you want one soon.

What is inside? How does it work?

More Info.

updated 10/1/21

Instruction Page.

Works better in a low ceiling room. Charges your air with the (-) Schumann Frequency.

Makes you feel mellow
calm & collect. Good for a praying environment or mediating. Peaceful feeling.

Breathing the air right above the
Air Smacker
helps with any nausea feeling or coughing or headaches. It clears them up just breathing this (-) charged air.


Another Bob Boyce™ invention. Home of the WaterSmackerAirSmackerBatterySmacker

All smacker items are run off 100% non-hertzian energy.

Manufactured at Hydrogen Garage • 97 Ash Ave. Unit 554, Cayucos, CA • 93430 • USA

(805) 995-4809 • info at airsmacker dot calm Contact usupdated 1/15/22

Not a medical product. Not FDA approved. Disclaimer. Air is not a drug & can not be patented.

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